Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wet n Wild Color Icon Trios, Wet n Wild Color Icon Blusher, And Profusion Lipgloss Reviews and Swatches

Hey lovelies!!
How are you all??
It's disgusting outside right now.
So I had some time to do swatches and reviews on my latest purchases.

In this post are swatches for Wet n Wild Color Icon Trios in::
Sweet As Candy
Knock On Wood
I'm Getting Sunburned
And Spoiled Brat

The Wet n Wild Color Icon Blusher in Mellow Wine

And for 3 Profusion Lipglosses

First up is Sweet As Candy::

With Flash.
With Flash.
Sweet As Candy reminds me of Cosmpolitain Ice Cream.
It's very wearable for everyday looks.
Knock On Wood.
With Flash.
With Flash.
Knock On Wood is probly going to be the look I use for Valentines day.
It's got that sultry mystrious feel to it.

I'm Getting Sunburned.
With Flash.
With Flash.
I'm Getting Sunburned is more of a going out palette.
Because it's got a lot more glitter then the rest.
Spoiled Brat.
With Flash.
With Flash.
Spoiled Brat is def. for an edgyer look.
All in all these shadows are a good buy for a great price.
Quaility is very high for a drug store brand.
Packaging is simple yet useful.

Wet n Wild Blusher in Mellow Wine.
With Flash.
I got this blusher to use as a contour blush.
I havn't used it as that yet.
But it is very smooth and blendable.
As well as buildable.

ProFusion Lipglosses in 04, 09, 06
With Flash.
I bough these lipglosses on a whim,
They were super cheap.
For a buck each.

I was very surprised with these.
They are a very good product actually.
The gloss doesn't have that weird plastic smell some cheapo lipglosses do.
It isn't sticky at all.
It stays put for awhile.
And the color pay off is great as well.

All in all I'd buy all of these products agian.
Thank you for reading!!



  1. Great review and swatches, Jordan! I have the Knock On Wood palette and love it too .. it definitely gives a very nice mysterious, smokey look to my eyes. Be sure to show us how your Valentines look turns out with it =)
    Have a great weekend.

  2. Hey how are things? :) Love the colors you picked!

    Have a great weekend 2.
    Cara Mia

  3. I'd love to see these on your eyes. I never wear eye shadow anymore because it always smudges or makes me look tired :(

    Love this review though.

    Castle Fashion

  4. Seriously awsome makeup!

    I've never really bought any makeup besides mascara and eyeliner because I always end up blowing it all on clothes first! I've been meaning to buy some eyeshadow as of late though, and that knock on wood palette looks perfect!

  5. you look fabulous...i will for sure be buying these colors. now if only i knew how to put makeup on like you!