Sunday, January 30, 2011


Happy Sunday everyone!!
Yesterday the BF and I went to the mall,
I ended up picking up a few things.

At Charlotte Ruse I found a pair of sequined shorts for $4.99!!!
There a bit big but I can take them in,
And for $4.99 I could afford to alter them a bit.

Hot Topics Clearance section for makeup is AWESOME!!
I found this nail polish set for .98.
And this little monster thing is actually an eye shadow palette.
It's very knock off tokidoki.
But without the price tag at $1.98!!

Close up for the nail polishes and outside of the palette.
Close up of the eye shadows themselves.
Theres even a little compartment under the eye shadows like the tokidoki ones!!
How strange??
Swatches of the eye shadows.
They didn't have names.
But they seem to be a decent qaulity.
We'll see when I use them.
Nails of the day!!
I used my new Hot Topic nail polish.
It's a decent polish,
It's opaque in two coats,
And drys fairly fast.

Face of the day using Wet n Wild Color Icon Trio in Knock On Wood.
As well as the MAC Holiday 08 palette in Intriguing Scarlet: 6 Warm Eyes.
Colors:: Sweet Joy, And Real Dream.
Close up.
What do you think??
Does anyone remember this purse from my lust list a few weeks ago??
Well I ordered it!!
And got it on Friday afternoon.
I'm in love with it.
It's the perfect size for summer!!
I can fit all my summer time needs in it no problem!!

Hope you enjoyed!!



  1. The purse looks amazing!

    I've seen those palettes at Hot Topic haha and I agree that they really do look like knockoffs from their Sephora palettes xD

  2. I actually tried those shorts on a while back, but did not buy them, and couldn't stop thinking about them. They're great for both night and day! I think they also came in silver. Looks like you found some good deals! Enjoy!

  3. hehe, that monster palette made me chuckle, its so funny and cute. I loved Charlotte Russe when I was in the states, we don't have it here.

  4. Oh wow, that quad looks adorable, and the shadows quite pigmented! I've never seen Hot Topic's cosmetics, but that seems like an excellent dupe for the Tokidoki stuff!!