Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Feb Favs!!

This is my Feb. Favs!!
I used stock images this time,
Since I don't have time to take photo's of everything individually at this moment.

First up is OPI's Done Out In Deco.
I love this nail polish!!
It's my go to polish for Spring && Summer.

Next is Wet n Wild Color Icon Trios.
I've been using these sooo much lately.
There so easy to blend,
And color payoff is awesome.

Moving on we have The All Natural Face Mineral Makeup.
I have a bunch of there eye shadow samples.
And love there color range.
As well as easy blending.
And color pay off.

ELF Eye Liner Pens are AWESOME!!
There affordable.
Easy to use.
They don't dry out quickly.
And are smudge proof!!

MAC Dazzle Lash Mascaras are my go to mascaras.
The small brush makes it easy to coat every lash.
Added bonus??
They don't flake!!

LUSH Magical Mushroom Bubble Bars!!
What's not to love??
They smell great.
They leave your skin feeling soft.
And they make the water PINK!!
Only downside is that there only available around Valentines Day.

Hello Kitty for Sephora Perfume.
The best Spring time perfume in my opinion.
It's light and fruity.
But not over powering.

Hello Kitty for Sephora Nail Decals.
I love love love my Hello Kitty Nail Decals.
There soooo cute.
I will be doing a NOTD post using them soon!

Slatkin &Co. Tri Wick 14.3 oz. Candle in Juicy Nectarine.
I bought this back in January from Bath and Body Works.
I love the sweet smell that goes through the entire apartment.
They are currently doing a promo for them!!
2 for $20.00!!

Johnathan Finishing Spray.
I've had this can of hair spray for over a year now.
And it's still got a lot in it!!
I've also got a travel sized one that I keep in my purse.
Which is great for fly aways on the go!

Well that's my Feb Favs.
What are your Feb Favs??
I'd love to know!!

Have a great day!!


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  1. I'm loving the WnW palettes too! I def want to pick up more colors :)

    I've been curious about the HK perfume, I must go sniff it next time I'm at Sephora :)