Friday, March 18, 2011

Five Friday Favorites.

Stolen from Robyn at Twitch Vintage.

Five Things I Love Friday; These are my current obsessions.

1. Tipi's

What isn't there to love about Tipi's??
As a child I would always make them in the backyard in the summer.

My dad would always help me make the coolest ones.
With vintage sheets that they had.
I wish I had pictures of them.

2. Feather Head Dresses

Feather head dresses make me think of Summer.
I love there details.
And how beautifully women dance in them.

3. Coral ANYTHING.

Having Olive skin makes Coral one of my most flattering colors.
And it's finally Spring which means I can wear more of it!!
From makeup to cloths to shoes,
You better bet I'm going to be rocking it this Spring // Summer.

4. Mason Jars.

 Mason Jars mean three things to me::
Porch Beers , Sun Tea , && Homemade Fruit Preserves.
All of which are a sign of Summer.

5. Peacocks.

 I've always had a love for Peacocks.
I love the beautiful colors of there feathers.

And there mating dances.

Well that's my Five Friday Favorites!!
What are yours??


  1. Each of your picks is utterly adorable - the teepees, head-dresses and peacocks!!! I can't beat that:)) xoxo

  2. Such a lovely post! Right now I am mainly loving the gorgeous weather we have!

  3. super fun!
    i love mason jars as well. i use them for leftovers, flower vases, jarring, storing things...the options are endless :D

  4. I neeeeeed to find that peacock cupcake!!!!!